Sunday, 26 July 2009

Tools of the "Trade": Asmor's Monster Maker

Recent news of Wizards of the Coast monster design tool being in development made me realise that I never properly credited Asmor for the Monster Maker application which I used for the creation of the stat blocks in the bestiary entries of this blog. With the anouncement of the D&DI application, Asmor has decided to discontinue updates to the software; we can only hope that WotC manage to craft a tool that is halfway as intuitive, well-designed, and well-implemented as this piece of software. Despite no updates being likely in future, I highly recommend the tool as it currently stands for DMs eager to create their own creatures.

Asmor's own blog, Encounter-a-Day, is also a valuable resource of ideas and mechanics, while the site has many other programs, scripts, and utilities that can help out with the task of DMing.


  1. Has the Compendium Search funtion of Monster Maker stopped working for you as well? Dispite the fact that that feature doesn't work for me any longer, I still use Monster Maker for my game. It's been invaluable. I hope that WotC can make something comparable.

  2. I do seem to be having problems with that feature. I know that there were fairly recently some changes to the format of the Character Builder files; I wonder if something similar may have happened with the monster compendium entries?

    The Character Builder does give me hope for WotC's own Monster Builder: that is an extremely well done piece of software.

  3. Im having difficulty trying to post my own stat block to my blog.If you could help me figure out how to do it that would be very helpful.

  4. So far, I have been taking screen shots and converting the files to .png format using Gimp to avoid having overly bloated file sizes. I did make a few attempts at adding the style sheets from the HTML output to this site, but without a great deal of success so far.